Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ahhhhhh . . .

With Harleigh home for Spring Break, 
I wanted to take at least one day off and spend some time together. 
So we had our coffee this morning, 
the three of us shoved onto the couch, 
making what we call a Gideon sandwich 
(he insists on nestling right between us 
regardless of how many of our limbs he has to walk on, squish, and lie on in order to be near us).

I woke up to a kitchen-window eye-full of my Japenese Cherry Blossom that had bloomed overnite.
The sunlight coming in the house helped take the chill out of the air; not a warm day here in ATL.

I enjoyed a day of shopping and a nice lunch with Harleigh, then came home to craft.
The wall candle sconce on the right is one I'm redoing for Harleigh's house at college.
And the wind-up peeps and bunnies are a part of the table placecards 
I'm making for our family Easter dinner.

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