Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pretty Smells

These are some of the fragrances I'm obsessed with lately.

The Simple Pleasures Snow Flurries lotion from Kohl's is 
from their seasonal bath and body collection. 
It's spicy and cookie-ish and has a hint of masculinity 
(hints of Old Spice and my Pap Pap's smoking pipe).

The simplySmart lotion is from Holiday Inn Express 
(one of the small samples they give you in your room). 
I'm one of thousands who have searched online for a place to purchase it.
I even called a local Holiday Inn to see if they'd sell me some. 
Next time I stay in a H.I. Express, I might just sweet talk the maid into giving me some extra. 
It's cinnamon and heaven.

Philosophy's Marshmallow for Toasting is a shower gel 
(it also comes in a lotion and lip gloss). 
You get it at Sephora, and it's a limited edition fragrance. 
Standing in a hot shower slathering this on is criminal. 
It smells exactly like a toasted marshmallow . . . I can't stop smelling it. 
I never thought I'd want to come out of the bathroom smelling like a piece of food.

Three fragrances that I will need to snap up whenever I find them. 
If you see them, give 'em a whiff to see if you find them as mind-blowing as I do.


julie said...

A "hint of masculinity". hahahahaha!!!

julie said...

A "hint of masculinity". hahahahaha!!!

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