Sunday, March 17, 2013

Full House

Special day at Chateau Gahan. 
Harleigh came home today for Spring Break. 
Jury duty calls all week (she wasn't called tomorrow, so she and Kasey 
are going to the zoo for the day), 
so there may not be as much sun and fun as is typical of Spring Break.

As I always do for her homecoming, fresh flowers adorned her room and bathroom.

Gideon turned 6 today! 
Because of his St. Patty's Day birthdate, 
there must be a big green bow tie to celebrate being a year older.

Enjoying lots of color here at Chateau Gahan. 
The bed is always blooming with lots of floral fabrics.
And in the bathroom, I swapped out the quilt stand for a chippy chair 
to hold my bathtime candle and reading materials, and a beach tote to hold toilet paper rolls.

1 comment:

Gretchen said...

The roses in Harleigh's room were lovely in the antique tea kettle. Happy Birthday Gideon! Love that you use all floral bedding. The chippy chair and basket are a perfect touch.

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