Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Coming back after a break

It took a trip to Ingles yesterday, where I ran into a friend, to make me reconsider my sudden leave from blogging. Melinda came right out with it. "So, what's up with the blog????" Her sincere expression of missing my postings (coupled with the emails I've received from readers asking "why the departure?"), is boost enough. I know I don't have a big readership, by any stretch of the imagination, but that a handful of people missed me, well, it reminded me of all the blogs that I've loved that have gone away. Maybe these long-lost gals, like me, were wooed by the ease of Instagram. Maybe blogging simply got to be too much pressure or work. It is daunting, I must admit. At least for me.

So, I'm gonna give it another go. And a tried and true one. In this post, I'll catch everyone up on some Instagram postings. But for the most part, I'll really really really try to keep the posts fresh and exclusive to blogpost.

My sister got this pink ceramic snack server for me and I tucked some Shiny Brite ornaments inside. These are reproduction ones that I found at TJ Maxx 
(even came in the sweet cardboard, divided, cellophane-front box), 
and will keep my eyes open for other designs 
(at a mere fraction of the cost of the real vintage ones).

Kasey's family, The Browns, included me in on one of their many holiday traditions. 
Pre-Christmas-day gift opening with a part of their family includes the children reading marked passages from the Bible story of the Birth of Jesus. 
The children's voices reminded me of Linus reciting the Christmas story on the stage 
in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Magical.

Part of my stash in a pile ready to be packed away. 
I'm not a purist when it comes to one color scheme or certain pairings of colors. 
My holiday decor is a free-for-all of all that I love.

Harleigh made her Iced Mollys this year (thanks, Molly!), always in snowflake shapes. 
This girl is a pro at rolling pin cookies. And she can get them super thin, 
always a plus for a good sugar cookie in my book.
She doesn't rely on the timer to tell her when the cookies are done. 
Instead, she posts herself in a chair in front of the oven and watches them bake into the perfect color.

Santa brought Harleigh her own cupcake holder (holds 24 cupcakes; another find from TJ Maxx). 
One of her favorite gifts. 
And why not? Every girl needs one of these.

Gideon got this giant bone. I swear, there are dents in the drywall from when 
he decided to bring this down the hallway into my bedroom.

This year I got back into the tradition of cookie delivery to the neighbors. 
(In years' past, my schedule was so hectic, that cakes had to suffice.)
Harleigh doesn't do the deliveries anymore, pulling her little red wagon and wearing a Santa hat.
Instead, the neighbors get me, wearing a Christmas sweater.

I was tired of The Eiffel Tower on our coffee table not being able to turn around so that pictures 
could be easily viewed without falling off. I dug around for this lazy susan. It works!

My sister-in-law got me these vintage elves. How cute? 
Sitting together they look like three little brothers ready to get into trouble.

2103 and Gideon is ready for a nap. That is one spoiled dog.

I got my Christmas cards out just in the nick of time. 
And enjoyed writing them in a warm bed with Gideon hogging all the covers.

Lots of sickness this holiday season. Harleigh in bed, pouting and with a box of Kleenex.

Our disheveled little living room. 
You are always welcome to come curl up on a slipcovered sofa, 
cover yourself in an afghan and read a good book.
It's a room meant to be happily lived in.

Simply lounging.

I'm getting more and more into growing my Fontanini nativity scene. 
Thanks to sister Karla, added a donkey and a camel this year.
I put a light behind the manger scene this year, and the effect (below) was so pretty 
as the light shone through the window over the Baby's head.

A little boy up the street sells poinsettias every year for his baseball team's fundraiser. 
They are very affordable and the healthiest you could ever ask for! I got pink ones this year.
Next year I'm going to cover the pots (which come in the standard colored foil) 
with pretty fabric.

After the gifts are opened, there's napping (dog) and texting (daughter) to do.

One of his toys had a rough go of it. That's the fun of stuffing. Ripping it out.

Co-worker Julie got me two vintage Santa mugs. Coffee every morning was better, I swear.

More gathering of decorations to go up to the attic. 
This blue enamelware tub holds pink silk and glittered poinsettias.
The vintage sleigh I found at Goodwill years ago for $10 
and used it for decor this year for the first time!

On the night that Harleigh arrived home from college for the holiday break, 
I told Gideon "Harleigh's coming home!" which I do only minutes before she arrives, 
because he sits at the front door and doesn't budge. 
I snapped this picture as her headlights came up the driveway.

Over the break, Kasey's mom, some relatives, and two of the boys' girlfriends 
(Harleigh being one!), went to see West Side Story. 
I was supposed to go but had a wedding to do. 
I thought she looked adorable in this vintage dress, tights and heels.

To my faithful blog readers who aren't on Instagram, I hope I redeemed myself a bit with this post. To my Instagram buddies (who also take a peek at my blog), hope you'll forgive a rewind on images. Thanks to all for your patience!


Christine said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I consider myself a faithful blog reader of yours.

With pictures like these, all is forgotten.

Gideon is precious.

Kb_Mal said...

I missed you! Welcome back, Dawn E Girl.

Sincerely, Katy (the blogger who hasn't blogged since OCTOBER but is blaming it on pregnancy distractions) :)

julie said...

You're redeemed. It was close, though...

E.S.C.A.P.E. to the South Coast! said...

Yay! I'm one of your loyal readers, but I never comment. Glad to see you're back!

Annette Smith said...

I enjoy your blog. Thanks for taking time to share lovely snippets of your life.

Max & Lynne said...

glad you're back! I've missed u

Lisa said...

The picture of Gideon waiting at the front door would make wonderful Christmas cards. Too sweet. Love all the pictures thanks for sharing!!

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