Monday, December 10, 2012

Instagram — The New Obsession

Yeah yeah, I know I'm probably eons behind today's whippersnappers when it comes to awareness and knowledge of digital toys and software. Heck, even in the 50-year-old+ arena, I'm probably in the category of digital half-wit. But I've got a blog. That counts for something. And an iPhone. Another point there. And I have a load of apps. Dawn, who the heck are you?!?!?

This Instagram thing has got me a bit jazzed (probably even more so than Pinterest!). It's way less daunting than crafting a blog post (which usually involves much angsting over and time spent on shooting images with my Canon). I've connected with Old English Sheepdog owners all over the world. I see what friends and family are doing from afar. I stay connected visually to Harleigh (aside from a visit every day or so to her Facebook).

Before you know it, I'll be sporting an iPad in my palm. And to think I once typed term papers on a typewriter, smacking at a carriage return lever as deftly as I drove a car with a steering column gearshift.

Images below from around Chateau Gahan.

 And feel free to follow me on Instagram @dawngahan.


Rachel said...

I love Instagram too! It's my new obsession and has definitely taken me away from blogging (well, that and the fact that Google is now charging for photo storage on blogs - bah humbug). I followed you and you can find me @rachel21mac :)

Dulcina Garcia said...
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Elizabeth said...

!nstagram is fun, but I'm real sad that a lot of bloggers that I loved, have abandoned their blogs for Instagram. Even trying to veiw the photos on I pad to look at them bigger, isn't the same. I think Instagram is a good tool to link both, but I try and keep mine going as a virtual scrapbook for myself.

Elizabeth said...

I'll go follow you though :)

castord hanna said...
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Carole said...

When we got our new droids I was sure that I'd love Instagram. Turns out it's not as interesting to me as I had expected it to be.

I still prefer my Kodak snap-and-shoot and Canon for photography, and although I don't blog as much as I used to, it's due to other reasons.

Glad that you're enjoying Instagram. :-)

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