Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Cookie Swap

Our annual cookie swap at work is always a big hit. Everyone of us (about 25) bakes 4-6 dozen cookies. A dozen of each is displayed real pretty for us to enjoy over wine, beer and single-serve cartons of cold milk. The rest of the cookies stay in their original containers and are for swapping at the end. Cookies (on both the grazing and swapping tables) are labeled with the name of the cookie and the baker. I supply everyone with a baker's box and parchment paper for taking their cookies home. After years of doing this, the best boxes are found at I used to run from one Michaels to the next, trying to find 25 of the same box. Now, with Container Store, I place the order online and pick it up a few days later. They even have curbside service so I don't have to leave my car.

For every cookie swap and gift exchange, I bring in the usual holiday linens and cake stands from home. But this year I added a few elements. The small wooden sled (I bought 2 from some home decor store, just can't remember which one) became serving pieces. And my nativity candle carousel, one of Harleigh's favorites from her childhood and an item that had been hiding in the attic for years, made an appearance and created quite the oohs and aahs. Seems it's just as magical to adults as it is to the kids. Needless to say, it will come down every year to be enjoyed at home and work.

[Photos courtesy of Witt Langstaff]

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