Friday, January 18, 2013

Serenbe Revisited and Random Stuff

I had been down to Serenbe a bit ago to see Ali's newly built house. While Harleigh was home for the holiday break, I really wanted to duplicate the trip so that she could see all the beauty and charm of this, well, . . . nothing says it better than their website:

"The settlement of Serenbe is found in the heart of Chattahoochee Hill Country. This 40,000 acres of rural Georgia is about the size of Napa Valley, and is one of the last undeveloped stretches of land in the Atlanta area. The founders of Serenbe realize that their largely untouched 1,000 acres presented a short window of opportunity for creating a community in a new and better way.

"How is it made better? By protecting this land from the typical growth patterns of urban sprawl. By merging ecologically sound sustainability principles with the design philosophies of walking neighborhoods made up of both homes and shops. By building villages and hamlets for single people, families and empty nesters of a wide range of economic and cultural diversity. And by creating real community, where people are drawn together over gardening, over cooking, over books, over art, over ideas, and yes, even over back fences.

"They say that if you want to change the world, you should start in your own backyard. If that’s so, then Serenbe is quite a beginning. Or maybe a respectful nod to times gone by."

The day my girl and I made the trip down was rainy (but, thank gosh, unseasonably warm). The wet weather didn't deter us from exploring. As we sat eating lunch at the Blue-Eyed Daisy, Harleigh said that she felt like she was on Gilmore Girls, where everyone knows each other, and conversations effortlessly bloom.

Over that weekend I made it to the library to pick up two books that I'd reserved. Pippa Middleton's entertaining book is charming. I can't say that it's opened my eyes to a new and fresh side to entertaining, but it 1) is well written, and introduces lots of British foods and traditions, and 2) has pictures of Pippa in all of the entertaining scenarios, and she is beyond adorable. Perhaps not worth $50 (Amazon has it for $25), but so worth a library loan and the time I spent reading it.

I've just begun Tina Fey's book. Being that funny and comfortable with and confident in your sense of humor is such a gift.

Atlanta has been drenched all week. I'm sick of a big, hairy, WET dog. When it's dry outside, I can bring him back to my bed for snuggling. But with the crappy weather we've had, the carpeted part of the house is off limits. I miss seeing this face on the pillow next to me.

Looking forward to the weekend! Especially Sunday when the Falcons then the Ravens play.

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