Friday, February 17, 2012

The Birthday Weekend

My sweet girl turns 20 on Monday. 20!!!! With no classes on Friday and her last class on Thursday ending at 1:30, she was able to be home last night in time for the two of us to enjoy some good gab time. We sat at Atlanta Bread Company, me with breakfast for dinner and her sipping a cup of hot tea, for a good two hours. Then once home, I sat in her bedroom for another hour chatting away. She's at breakfast with her grandparents, Grandie and Poppy, this morning and then going to get her nails done with Grandie. I'm meeting up with her to go shopping for some items she needs for her Spring Break mission trip to New York. She leaves Saturday evening since she teaches Sunday School back in Statesboro, so I'm gonna enjoy every waking hour just soaking in her 20-year-old loveliness.


Rachel said...

Wonderful! I hope you enjoy every minute together. My girl comes home tonight for a whole week (Reading Week). Can't wait to see her!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday a few days early to Harleigh! Hope she has a good one! My littlest turns 22 at the end of March, where does the time go!

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