Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wrapping, Baking, Cooking, Decorating . . . it's all soooooooo good!

This weekend I got all the gifts bought (even made a trip to the mall, where I enjoyed slowly walking, shopping, and people watching . . . a pleasant experience!). I tend to go for the vintage, tacky kind of wrapping. It isn't unusual for me to be gluing stuff to box tops, mixing all kinds of ribbons with papers, curling pipe cleaners for makeshift ribbons, tying on jingle bells. It's all about the "happy."

Decorating never stops. A big ornament that once graced a bookshelf now finds a home on a living room chair relegated to a corner because its seat is too fragile to sit on.

Despite the mind-numbing busyness at work, we squeezed in our gift exchange on Monday and then the cookie swap on Friday. I made my "this-ain't-no-stinkin'-cookie cheese wafers," a crowd favorite for their spicy bite, a palette cleanser from the sweetness of the true cookies.

A view down the swapping table. There was a whole other table set up real perty like for the grazing.
Molly's Iced Mollys take front and center stage.

Since I made my usual non-cookie, I really wanted to contribute to the sweet contributions, AND I've been wanting to make these peppermint cookies for the last few Christmases.

 Usually for the swap I buy plates, but we have so many plain plates leftover from other events that I took those and with a box full of Christmas stamps and a stamp pad fashioned using food coloring, created custom-made holidayware!

With a hambone leftover from our office Feast, I made a huge batch of pea soup, probably the easiest of soups to make from scratch. Froze a dozen tupperware containers for wintertime meals.

Merry Christmas, everyone! This last week before our Lord's birth 
will be one of great thanks and blessings too many to count.


Songbirdtiff said...

Oh my gosh, those cookies are to.die.for!

Merry Christmas!

Jerusalem said...

I had forgotten the hand stamp plate idea - will have to use that for our New Years Day party!

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