Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve and a Baptism

There is something about being around a baby at Christmas that brings home, all the more, the pure and faithful joy that it must have been to welcome our savior into the world. He himself an infant.

Karla, forgive me, please (my beautiful sister who is Grayson's mom) for what may be a blog that brings your dear boy front and center for all the adorableness that he is. What a trooper. His baptism was on Christmas Eve, and he reveled in every bit of the celebration that is Christmas, without a tear or a fit of frustration.

 This is an expression our dear boy shares quite often. Gotta love pure happiness.
 His christening gown, brought from Italy by his godparents. 
What a treasure, both the the outfit and them.


julie said...

Wow!! These are stunningly beautiful pictures!! Your timing and composition were dead on, and Grayson was radiant. Especially love the one of him with his grandmother. (assuming that's who she is). And the b/w with his dad, and, and and.... :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh MY!! Those were super gorgeous pictures Dawn!! The first one killed me it was so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing them :)

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