Sunday, November 27, 2011

The roller coaster weather brought about everything from my girlie hibernating from the cold temperatures (and the fact that I keep the heat at 63 degrees) to putting up our Christmas tree in swoony temps that begged doors and windows be propped open.

It was a glorious long weekend. A dinner at my mom's unrivaled by any past. Christmas tree shopping, donning our car grills with Christmas wreaths (and the reminder, out of this tradition, that no man will ever win my heart without wearing a Santa hat to Christmas shop), and nesting to Christmas music whilst crafting and cooking (my neighbor's Thanksgiving gift of a smoked turkey equals a turkey corn chowder that I'll enjoy for the next 8 months out of my freezer stash).

And Harleigh had two dear friends over last night who basked in the Christmas glory that Chateau Gahan wears like a badge of honor this time of year. And Hannah, dear Hannah, told me, "Mamma G, if I ever win the lottery I'm going to buy your house  and everything in it. Maybe even you."

Enough said. I set out every year to create a home, a true home, in every sense of the word. When a 19-year-old gets it, I think I've struck gold.

This year's tree is all about being girly. Lots of pink, including a swathing of our dear tree trunk in a vintage hand-embroidered tablecloth in pinks and greens.

And Gideon now sports his Christmas collar.

[Pictures tomorrow of the aprons Harleigh made for all her roommates for their Christmas baking extravaganza. She made me so proud as she worked through patterns, fabrics and trim to make the ultimate heartfelt gift. You go, girly!]

The girly theme made its way to our front door where pretty-colored ornaments garnish a white wreath.


Claudia said...

Hannah gave you the perfect compliment! That must have brought a huge smile to your face. Your home is always lovely, Dawn, filled with furniture and accessories chosen from your heart. That makes all the difference.

Can't wait to see more photos of your decorations!


Elizabeth said...

I want to come over and do crafts with you :)

I get what you mean when you say you have made your home so cozy and welcoming that others get it and want to stay. I have tried to do that all my life. We haven't been fortunate to buy our own home, but we have lived in some really nice homes. Each and every time, people always think it is "ours." It always makes me feel good when they think that. My daughters boy friend practically lives here, and says, I don't want to go to my house, because your home is way more cozy. Through being a career renter, I have learned that it really doesn't matter if you own the home, you can always put your heart and soul into it enough that it doesn't matter in the end.

All the pictures of your home on here are so lovely and I can see how fun it would be to curl up and hibernate there :)

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