Sunday, November 27, 2011

Aprons and Birdhouses . . . It's Christmas Everywhere!

Got the girl back on the road after church and a quick Target run. It was a great Thanksgiving long weekend. Not once did I feel overwhelmed or anxious. I do believe that I have paved the way for a relaxing holiday, both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Harleigh enjoyed Chateau Gahan, relishing a house not filled with girls and the temptation to stay up until 1AM watching 500 Days of Summer and eating cookie dough. She certainly missed her routine at school, but was happy to wake up to the smell of coffee brewing and breakfast cooking in the skillet. One of the true joys of motherhood is simply doing the things that make make home, well, home.

Will share pictures of Christmas decorating as I get things accomplished. In the meantime, an outdoor birdhouse needed a little Christmas.

Here are pix of the aprons she made for her roommates, what they'll wear when they bake goodies for holiday giving. She put her heart and soul into these. I am so proud of her efforts. The sewing machine whirred, she sang out loud to Christmas songs, and she seemed like a version of me when I cheerfully craft.  Each apron's fabric was hand picked for the recipient (Harleigh's is the vintage Santa one). I love seeing her immerse herself into things that my mom and I both love . . . in this case sewing.


Christine said...

Ah...looking at your daughter with loving eyes and heart. A mothers love, to make home, home!
You know just the right touches and I'm sure Christmas will be even more fullfilling.

Gretchen said...

Harleigh's friends are lucky to be receiving such great gifts. I'm glad to know she is sewing too. It is a lost art to most young women now.


Elizabeth said...

The aprons looks adorable! How fun, and nice of her to make them for her friends. Bird house is so, so cute :)

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