Saturday, November 5, 2011

Being a mom, through a chair

When Harleigh was little I never tired of making her days special. Whether it was helping her make a blanket fort or hand-crafting a Halloween costume like no one else's, there was such joy in the simple act of being creative. As she grew up, I thought that would change. That there would be fewer and fewer opportunities to show her my love and appreciation through crafting and imagination. I figured that holding her up as the wonderful being she is might be through words more than actions. But I've been proven quite wrong.

She appreciates my love-fueled creativity more than ever, especially as she sets out in the world to create her own surroundings and moments of beauty and happiness.

Her college-apartment bedroom desk and chair, a French Provincial set handed down from a graduating senior friend, is a great staple in her ever-growing collection of her own furniture, which someday will grace her first place when she's graduated and on her own. We kept the desk ivory with gold accents, but I wanted to spruce up the chair.

Found this gray and yellow floral satin fabric to cover the seat (not one of my best upholstery jobs at all, but it'll do). I wanted the chair to mimic one of those drop-dead gorgeous gowns, pretty from the front but, wow, when you see the back.

Oh so pretty back.

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Christine said...

Your love for Harleigh just oozes.

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