Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Wedding Day

Up early yesterday, breakfast snagged from the free buffet and brought up to my room, showered and dressed and off to downtown St. Simons, otherwise known as Pier Village. I'm not sure what I was expecting (and to be honest, with the weather sunny and in the lower to mid-70s, downtown could have been a Walgreens, a 3-foot pier and a single palm tree and the visit would have been perfect), but the town was absolutely adorable.

Such a variety of shops. The shell shop (and I always look for those when I go to the shore)  called The Beach Bum was the best I've ever been in. It's a small, dark and dusty little shop, but chocked full of shells I've not come across before. I loaded up on items for my shell crosses, smiling like a kid at Christmas as I walked out the door.

And then there is Dutchmans. Can't get enough of the painted furniture and the smell of potpourri and Tangelo candles.

As I made my way down to the pier, I noticed something going on at the covered outdoor atrium of the visitors center. Appeared to be a bunch of tables. A farmers' market? Yard sale? When I got closer . . . table after table covered in boxes of books. The St. Simons Island Literary League book sale. Scored some beauties and will photograph them today to share.

Lunch with co-worker Julie at an outdoor cafe. We didn't want to leave. Sitting in the sun and eating fresh fish, sipping iced tea, chatting . . . so very good.

Wrapped up the day and then was off to Sherry's wedding. I didn't take any pictures as I was cabbing it and not wanting to schlep my equipment around. Suffice it to say a great great time —a heartfelt church wedding followed by a rooftop reception overlooking the ocean (here at Ocean Lodge).  Sherry was the kind of bride you can't take your eyes off of. And husband Mario showered her with such affection and admiration all evening. Soulmates.

Have some sightseeing and beach time carved out for today. Heading home tomorrow. I miss Gideon like crazy. He so has my heart.

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Lisa said...

Sounds wonderful. It's so good to come to your blog. I just don't get around like I used to. LOL I'm going to take some time now to catch up with you.

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