Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two pretty images

This past weekend while mall shopping with the girlie for winter clothes, 
I saw this ice cream cake and had to take a picture. 
I've seen similar cakes before but perhaps this one caught my eye 
because the colors are so my palette. 

And here is a snapshot of a hodpepodge of items on my craft table. 
I used Photoshop to make it look like a painting.

I plan on getting back on the craft wagon and posting some handiwork. 
And of course Trunk or Treat is just around the corner!

And FYI, the colonoscopy went fine. Considering I was in twilight sleep for the icky part, it was rather a spa-like experience. Everything from the darkened room where the procedure took place, the hushed voices of the nurses and doctor, and the relaxing meds they had me on, I'd like to think that I woke up after a soothing body massage rather than an invasive exploration of an orifice.


Christine said...

Loving your Photoshop picture. You should frame it.

You have such a way of retelling your colonoscopy experience, it has me laughing. Glad it went well.

Elizabeth said...

That is exactly how I felt about the colonoscopy. They were super quite, and they meds made you feel cozy and sleepy. They warmed all the blankets up and everything. If it were not for the prep part, I wouldn't care about having to go back again.

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