Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22

At yesterday's book sale, I found an older edition of Harleigh's favorite devotional book Streams in the Desert. I was happy to start my morning off on such a great note, and am looking forward to asking Harleigh if her daily devotionals from the newer edition mirror mine.

After breakfast and a slow, slow push to start the day, I made a trip to Christ Church, an historical landmark (and an operating church) set amidst huge oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. It was so very quiet, very few people on the grounds. I wasn't there at the times that inside tours are offered, but I was happy to walk the cemetery, sit on a bench, and take in the serenity.

Below right is one of the books I bought yesterday, Robert Browning's Poems, for a mere $2. I shot it on the sand, nature's loveliest backdrop.

For lunch I went back to the outdoor cafe where Julie and I had eaten yesterday. I liked that it wasn't a super busy place, there are tables in the sun, the food is good, and even though it's on the main drag of Pier Village, it's quiet enough that I knew I could read my paper and eat in a calm quiet.

After lunch I headed straight to the beach where I set up camp with a chair, an umbrella, and nary a piece of reading material. The sun was out, the temperatures enough to warm and not to sweat. I watched kites in the sunlight, dogs catching frisbees, kids building sandcastles, and closed my eyes every once in a while to concentrate on and savor the sound of the waves. October 22, a good day.


Christine said...

What a fun weekend for you.
Treasures, warm weather, serene surroundings and the BEACH!

Next time you go, take ME!

julie said...

I think all of these photos are some of your best yet--you're obviously completely in your element in this type of historical, beachy environment. They're just beautiful. Of course, It doesn't hurt that I absolutely LOVED St. Simons, too. It couldn't have been a more beautiful weekend for a beautiful wedding and getaway. I'm still wiping up the drool from some of those shops...

Came back home via I-95. Much less scary!! And seemed to be a much faster route...of course the fact that I was averaging between 80-90 mph the whole way didn't hurt. Plus gaining an hour I didn't know I was gaining--LOL!!! I want to go baaaack!! Definitely a must-visit-again place on my list.

Elizabeth said...

Those are such beautiful photos Dawn; very serene and calming to look at on a Sunday morning :)

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