Thursday, September 8, 2011


The planets have all aligned. And that doesn't imply, by any stretch of the imagination, that things are going perfectly. Sometimes, for the planets to align, it simply means that I am feeling good about life . . . where I am, how I'm dealing with and reacting to the bumps in the road, and that I'm finding happiness in being . . . content. It's what I strive for each and every day. Sometimes I'm able to snatch it like an Olympic sprinter crossing the finish line. And sometimes it's achieved with the slow deliberation of a baby bird learning to fly. In either case, it's work well worth it. It's called faith. It makes the good great and the not-so-good easier to swallow. And I find the older I get, the more of a prize it is to fight for.

A few pix, just 'cause I haven't posted in a while. Have been busy at work, spending evening hours at the gym and then home to craft and work on wedding preparations. The balance has suited me well.

Here's my trusty sidekick; without him by my side, things at home wouldn't be nearly as fun. I've just got to kiss that big black nose to be reminded that I'm lucky to be loved by an Old English Sheepdog like no other.

The crucifix hanging in my foyer, a wedding gift to my late grandparents. Such a treasure. And so beautiful.

The wedding coming up September 17 is outside at this lovely spot on the Savannah River.

And one of my many welcome-home chairs. Either filled with my busy self or a sleeping Gideon. The chairs at Chateau Gahan are cushy and homey, and usually with a warm body in their arms.


Christine said...

I like what you said about feeling content, striving for every day.
That is so perfect, to try for it each day. I like this so much, it just might be my new goad, also.

Big Dog cute!

Rachel said...

I'm trying to fill my time with good things too. My daughter went off to university this year - 5 hours away!

Give Giddy's little black nose a kiss from me too ;-)

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