Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carl Bray is gone, but his touch will never leave me

Those of you who have read my blog for quite some time remember my postings about Carl Bray, a California plein air painter whose work I fell in love with when my then-husband and I lived in southern California and traveled to Palm Desert for business and relaxation. If you've not read the posts, they're worth reading. It's quite a story. It begins with this one and then leads to this one. God at work, no doubt, touching people in the most unexpected ways. (The picture above shows my beloved Carl Bray painting hanging above my fireplace — the image is small so I apologize for the lack of clarity.)

Well, every once in awhile I google Carl Bray, just to see what he's up to. A few weeks ago, I was saddened to chance upon his obituary. I emailed Kim, a friend of his and the one who had passed my blog post onto him, passing on my condolences. She sent me this link, a lovely tribute to a man I've never known but who is a part of who I am. And he left the world knowing he had made a difference in my little life.

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