Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweet Girl Visit

She got all settled into the apartment at school. Classes start 8/22. She has a campus ministry leadership retreat next week. So this week was fairly free. She did some nesting in her new digs. Met up with some friends already back on campus. Got in some swimming and sunning time at the school's RAC.

And now she's home for a few days. Got a call from a church friend of ours who has a craft website and needed a model for an instructional video. In addition to getting paid, she also gets to expense a manicure, since her hands will be front and center. How fun is that?!?!?!

On her way home, she stopped by my office. We grabbed lunch and I snapped a few pictures. Gosh I love this girl.

I love this image. The tan arm with blonde peach fuzz. The handmade bracelets. The James Avery ring.

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