Monday, August 8, 2011

Sophomore Year

This year the girlie is moving into a duplex with three other girls. What fun it's been to work on decorating their place, making sure we have all the furniture we need, moms putting in their two cents, dads doing all the heavy work and electronic "stuff."  

While the communal spaces have been tackled with gusto, the decor of Harleigh's bedroom has been chipped away at with great detail and love. She wanted a French Provincial Bohemian Chic room. For the door to her room (and Emily's room, which is also on the second floor), I found these letters at Michaels. They rang up at a penny a piece. Really, one cent each. And so an H was put onto Harleigh's door and Emily has her E to put up. (Not really French Provincial Bohemian Chic, but for a penny, they're cute.)

While the other girls' rooms look typically Target-flyer dorm room, Harleigh's is much like her . . . true to who she is, a nod to vintage and hippie-girl. She found these two wall hooks at Pier I.

We brought her chair from home and the thrift store dresser (originally black and white and now a peachy pink with gold hardware).

Her bedroom curtains from home are perfect for this dormer window. And a desk we bought from a graduating senior fits into our theme. The chair pad needs a new cover (a faded yellow gingham just doesn't work for us), but that will happen soon enough.

Harleigh really wanted a wall treatment. The thought of trying to paint her room in a day was a bit daunting, and stencils are so iffy in terms of the finished product, so I came up with the idea to do a hairline stripe on the existing ivory walls. We did the treatment on one wall. Easy peasy. I used gold Elmer's Painters' Pens and a piece of foamcore cut to a 7 1/2" width to use as my guide. It literally took me an hour to do. And gave just the right amount of elegance yet understatement to the room. 

She brought her jar of "fireflies" for her nightstand.

And Justin Bieber finds a place in the dormer window area, with a vintage Hanson poster front and center. French Provincial Bohemian Chic meets I'm-19-and-still-loving-my-heartthrobs.

I found this bedskirt in a thrift store. With the mauve ball fringe it screams Bohemian Chic.

The painting gifted me by Julie fits in perfectly with the feel of gold and florals.

And the bathroom that Emily and Harleigh share (the size of her bedroom at home . . . it's huge) has a picture of the four roommates. We pray for a wonderful year for the girls, filled with friendship, laughter and growing as women of God.


Elizabeth said...

Her room looks amazing, with all the special touches. I'm sure the other girls are envious!!!

julie said...


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Beautiful! What's not to love about it? Jackie

Kb_Mal said...

Looks fantastic - fresh, feminine, young but mature all at once. Nice work!

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