Monday, August 22, 2011

New Header — New Retro Obsession

Found the above cement planter at a thrift store. Weighs a ton, and love the shape. I painted it the color that Harleigh and I used for her dresser (that accompanied her to Statesboro for college living) and dressed it up with bad fake flowers, my newest obsession. They remind me of my grandmother's rowhouse in Baltimore, the way an arrangement (back then mostly plastic) would take center stage on a front porch or a side table. They remind me of memorial parks, where each gaudy but happy arrangement is lovingly placed by family.  They're often in restaurants thinly veiled in dust, but an attempt nonetheless to bring elegance to a tabletop. Their colors are way beyond what you see in nature. They live indefinitely. What can I say . . . they make me smile somehow.


Christine said...

I've got to remember that I can spray paint just about anything.
Great job on the new obsession(s).

Cassy said...

Your cement planter looks beautiful.

Cass from Learn How To Read Tablature

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