Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Garland and a Clothespin Bag

Been inspired by all the crafty bloggers out there festooning their homes with Valentine garland and bunting. Armed with my tried-and-true scrapbook paper stash, vintage buttons, embroidery floss,an old piece of lace to be cut, and white cotton rope, my mantle got into the spirit of love.

For Christmas my mom got me this vintage clothespin bag. I've tied it to the back of the chair at my craft table, a perfect place to stash whatever needs a cute place to live.
And while I craft, Gideon insists on stuffing his napping self into a chair two times too small for his bug furry frame, a tangle of limbs a testament to the fact.


Heidi Ann said...

Love your garland - and that bag for Clothes Pins is adorable!

Honey said...

Your garland is very very cute! As is the clothes pin bag. But not as cute as that doggie of yours with the tangled legs. :)

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