Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nesting has never been finer

With Chateau Gahan to myself (and dear Gideon, of course), the urge to nest has increased twofold. Sometimes it feels like I'm a little girl playing house; almost a surreal feeling of enjoying my home and being very deliberate about the tasks at hand, approaching each daily motion — whether it be cooking a meal or hanging curtains — with a joy and appreciation for the simplicity that I call home.

Last weekend while at the hair salon, I devoured all the magazines that women gettin' their do's done enjoy, everything from glossy fashion tomes to celebrity rags. One idea popped out of the pages, a simple home decor tip for taking the fireplace from Winter to Spring. Simply wrap logs in Christmas lights. I started with a fireplace cleaning, removing all the ashes and giving it a good vacuuming. Then with the logs in place, the lights out in the living room, the glow was lovely. Here is my favorite fireplace chair, a piece that co-worker Jenn found in the dumpster. It's the perfect height for snuggling up to the hearth.

The front door is dressed up with a Spring arrangement.
Gideon, with a heavy Winter coat (that will soon be shorn into warm-weather length) has taken to sleeping on the cooler hardwood floors. And finding a spot under the table has the added perk of a headrest.
You can see, the haircut is much needed. The poor boy can't see, what with the Justin Bieber bang he's got goin' on.
Here's a sneak peek at a project I'm close to completing.
And the foyer is enjoying afternoons of being bathed in sunlight, with outdoor weather to match the warmth inside.


Christine said...

Love that you got your tip about the Christmas lights, at the hair salon and shared it with us.
It's a great idea!

Honey said...

Oh how pretty is that? And there you go again....showing us that handsome boy that lives with you. He is a doll!!! :)

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