Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Big One Nine

Harleigh turned 19 today!

She drove home from school on Friday and we went out to dinner, Japanese (where we had far less new things to talk about than most mother and daughter-home-from-college, simply because we talk to each other a zillion times a day), and then with giggles and an excitement probably more at-home on a 13-year-old, headed to the movies to see Justin Bieber's Never Say Never. Loved it loved it loved it. I AM a belieber. Came back to Chateau Gahan and caught up on two old episodes of Modern Family, then hit the hay.

The next morning Harleigh had a hair salon appointment, we ran a bunch of errands and did some shopping, then off to my mom and dad's for a birthday dinner extraordinaire (dang, that woman has a way in the kitchen). This morning my girlie left early to go back to the 'boro, a looming test on Tuesday causing some angst and the need to get back and to the library for some head-in-the-books studying.

Our time together was super short, but so very sweet. I thought I loved her most when as a pregnant woman she grew inside me. And then when she was born, and I held her 6 pound 11 ounce cocooned body, nose flattened to her face, eyes swollen shut . . . love you most now, baby girl. As toddler, growing into her teens, there were moments when I easily loved her more than ever (and times I wanted to sell her to the gypsies). And now, holding this beautiful woman in my arms, kissing her cheek, her forehead, stroking her hair, I think my heart's going to burst with love, respect, and pride. Two or nineteen, every birthday is another year to realize I've fallen in love again, even more, because with every year, there is more and more to love.

When he heard "Harleigh's coming home," this is where he stayed until her car drove up in the driveway.
I made a welcome "banner" to greet her when she walked in the door.
One of her birthday gifts . . .
An ENO camping hammock. Boy, does this girl loves to camp. Didn't get that gene from me, the woman who can't go anywhere there isn't an outlet for my hair dryer and a warm bed to fall into at slumbertime.


Christine said...

Didn't know what an ENO Hammock was. Looked it up and now I know what I will giving to my son for his birthday. He is such a hard one to shop for.

Happy Birthday Harligh!

(and thanks for the idea!)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday darling Harleigh!!
Love her dress, it looks adorable on her.

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