Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Newest Cage

Back a few posts I talked about the courier bag I got at a yard sale. Well, the darling lady seller was getting rid of many items that I fell in love with. This vintage bird cage by O.L. & Co. out of New York was quite the find at $2.00. The lady and I got to gabbin' about bird cages and she took me inside to show me all of her decorative cages. She must have had 50 of them. Some were more TJMaxx kind of finds, but others were true vintage cages. Gorgeous! We chatted a long time about our collections and what joy we find in them.

I did some research on this particular cage and it's an all-brass Art Deco cage that dates to the 1920s (and appears to be worth way more than the $2 I spent on it). Such a sweet find, especially with my thrift-store ceramic parakeet inside!
And here is the cage in its new home on my living room shelves.


Anonymous said...

You always find the neatest stuff thrifting and at garage sales! Here in the Dallas-Ft Worth area all you can find are 1980's cast offs...and really, who wants to re-live that?

Christine said...

I really like the first picture because it has the tree from the outside in the background. It looks like the tree is IN the cage, maybe with a few wild birds...?

Honey said...

That is a very cute cage! I like the birdie in it as well. :) The photo of your that a little pink washing machine on the lower right side? Too cute!!! :)

Claudia said...

I have one almost exactly like this made by Hendryx. Aren't the lines graceful? Enjoy!


Elizabeth said...

You need a real parakeet in that fabulous bird cage. I use to have a cool vintage one in college and a little parakeet named Bobbie in it. So, so cute.

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