Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mailbox Inspiration

This Waverly ad has my mind racing with ideas for how to pretty-up my mailbox. Somethin' crafty is sooooo gonna happen. And Henry will be most appreciative of a mailbox that makes him smile when he delivers my mail.


Rachel said...

Oh very inspirational! My husband built new steps for the front of our house yesterday and while I was out holding posts and such for him, I took a look at our shabby mailbox. The wheels have been turning in my head ever since, so this post from you was quite timely. Let me know what you do with your mailbox (and how you do it)!

Teri said...

Oh Dawn! I luvvvv the mailboxes. Been meaning to check in on your crafts and drop a little "hello" to you!

Miss you

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