Monday, August 9, 2010

Ripple Afghan and a Big Snuggly Boy

When you find linens and knit goods at Goodwill, they're often taped up and difficult to see in their entirety. Such was the case with this ripple afghan. When I got it home and untaped it, it wound up being big enough for the foot of my king-sized bed. I love that whoever crocheted it pieced two sections together. Not to mention the fact that it contains every color imaginable. Happy ripples, to say the least.

This afternoon I undertook a craft project for Harleigh's dorm room. Will share tomorrow. I have a denim chair in the craft room where Mr. Gideon often naps, a prime spot to catch up on some ZZZZs and keep an eye on me. I adore the head between the paws.

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Celestial Charms said...

Oh Gideon makes me smile from ear to ear, always. Did he just get a bath...he is so fluffy and shiny here. Lovely thrift find for your bed. I spy your beautiful light blue table lamp, next to the bed. That is a beauty, is it a previous thrift find, too?

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