Monday, July 12, 2010

Vintage Sears Roebuck Courier Bag and Baseballs for the Boy

Running errands on Saturday morning. With Harleigh going off to college, the thrifting isn't happening with the vigor it used to (every penny goes toward what the HOPE scholarship doesn't cover), and so pit stops at my favorite places was not an option. But I did see a yard sales sign that was written in elderly lady writing. Ya know what I mean? The letters have that lilt and deliberateness to them. Detour.

Indeed, it was an older widowed woman making a move to California. Getting rid of as much stuff as she could. I got a few items I'll share in later posts (along with a good story), but here is one that at 50 cents I couldn't resist. I've been wanting a new tote bag, preferably one that zippers. Have eyed the vintage airline bags but they're so doggone pricey. This Sears Roebuck Courier bag has a missing piece that locks the zipper in place, but who cares. Perfect for toting around all my loot.

Also got a box of old baseballs. Gideon has had a blast with these. Inside, in the evening, I can sit in my chair and roll these across the room. He's in heaven. Back and forth. Back and forth. Drop the ball in my lap. Roll. Fetch. Drop the ball in my lap. Roll. Fetch.
And last night, after a rousing game of "baseball," he fell asleep with his head on the clean laundry. Pure cuteness, if I must say so myself.


Christine said...

Love a win-win situation like this.
Older Lady gets to go to California and you get a cute tote.
Gideon, priceless...

Celestial Charms said...

What a find! The color of the bag is delightful. Gideon surely doesn't realize his size...playing like a little puppy. Such a sweet boy.

Honey said...

What a cute bag you got for yourself! And a great price to! But I must say, that picture of Gideon and the laundry basket is the best of all. :)

Freckled Hen said...

Gideon + old baseball = lovely
I love that dog!

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