Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ottoman Slipcovers from a Vintage Bedspread

Remember how excited I was about my new slipcovers? Well, it turned into a rather frustrating mess. When I originally bought the fabric to hand off to the upholsterers, I asked two times if I should wash it first. They assured me it was not necessary. So I'm thinking that they're going to make the sllipcovers super oversized to allow for shrinkage when I wash them. So not the case.

We call the big ottoman "Gideon's throne," and because he sleeps there a lot, it was the first of the slipcovers that needed washing. Shrunk so much I couldn't even get it back on. For two years I've covered it with a quilt. And the chair slipcover . . . needless to say it needs a good washing, but that ain't gonna happen (so I've taken to covering that as well). I figure that soon enough I'll replace both pieces with inexpensive IKEA slipcovered pieces.

On the day before Harleigh's graduation my mom was at the house to help get everything ready. When she asked what she could do to help, I charged her with something I knew she could accomplish with her eyes closed. Got the sewing machine set up and handed her a vintage bedspread I had on hand. Within an hour she had cut and sewn me a cover for not only Gideon's Throne, but for a little round naugahyde ottoman I keep under my coffee table. Voila! Instant Chabby Chic cuteness. Thanks Mamachita!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

What a cute throne that is! Jackie

Lisa said...

It's just perfect!

Christine said...

Gideon definitely needs a throne. And he has a perfect one!

Claudia said...

Those covers turned out so well! Thank goodness for Moms. I bet Gideon loves it.


Elizabeth said...

Yay Mommy! How nice of her. Looks pretty darn cute too.
I would have been so mad if they shrunk after asking them two times!! Did they re do them?

To answer you question on me, I'm doing better everyday. Oddly, I've had problems more with my back that the hip. By the time I reached the third month, post op, the hip started feeing pretty good. About the only thing going on with it now is, soon as I step down on that leg, while getting off of a chair,it a bit sore for a couple steps.
I have been going to physical therapy, and the guy I go to is wonderful! So, I'm doing a lot now, including getting back to the sewing machine. Thanks for asking.

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