Saturday, June 6, 2009

Much-Needed Garage Cabinet

Lately I've not been a fan of open shelving in my garage. First of all, it doesn't make the garage look organized, and secondly, everything on the shelves gets dusty. My tools are on a shelf in the far corner of the garage, which, when both our cars are parked inside, makes getting to them a pain in the heine. So when I chanced upon this vintage pantry in a thrift store today, I snapped it up. Placed right next to the door to the kitchen and stocked with all my tools, it's perfect. Hung a picture above it (one of my favorites that Harleigh did when she was little — of a girl on the beach in the wind) and picked some daisies from the garden. Who says you can't put a vase of flowers in your garage?

1 comment:

Songbirdtiff said...

Wow. Even your garage is charming. I'm impressed.

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