Sunday, December 14, 2008

Every corner abustle with holiday spirit

Yes I did just make up a new word . . . abustle.

My study is all disheveled with the makings of my Secret Santa gift for work. To be gifted on Tuesday of this week. A gift I put my heart into for the special person I chose.

The rumpus room is decked out in study gear. It's the last week before school lets out which means finals week! And Harleigh is working hard to wrap up the year with success and enjoy a much-deserved two weeks off!

My bedroom is gift-wrap-central. Having a king-sized bed and a kitchen table in the room makes for quite the perfect surfaces to get everything wrapped all pretty for the giving.

The kitchen is beginning to burst at the seams with baking ingredients for the 7 different kinds of cookies I'll be baking for eating at home, bringing to Grandie's for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals and festivities, and for gifting to all our neighbors.

And the ken looks like this. I sit in my chair every evening, Christmas tunes on the radio, making list after list, orchestrating the days just-so, making sure it all gets done in an orderly fashion, without much stress, and all to the glory of the most special birth ever.

Keeping it all in perspective makes it enjoyable. I would like to think that Jesus is looking down on Chateau Gahan right now and smiling, knowing that all the joy that he brought into the world is being experienced here preparing for his birthday.


messynester said...

I love seeing pictures of your home. Harleigh is a very lucky girl to have a mother who makes it so warm and inviting! I also am in love with that wreath. I just may have to copy. :)

Freckled Hen said...

You are a natural at making things look lovely, in the most stunning way. That room is so pretty.

shawn said...

Oh, I love those last two paragraphs.

Your home does sound like a haven, and I have enjoyed all of your craftiness! (Haven't even got to the library card project yet!)
What a neat woman you are! I can sense your gentle spirit in your writings.
Thanks for sharing this with me.

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