Monday, April 14, 2014

A little Easter color

I like trying new ways of dying Easter Eggs. With Pinterest (and a house no longer filled with a little girl who was quite enamored with the Paas box with the punch-out holes and fizzing tablets), there's a whole new world out there. In the past, I've done these Asian-inspired eggs, and then there were the silk-tie eggs (who would have ever thought?!?! wish I'd have done more). Natural dyes. And robin eggs. This year I tried the Hawaiian Punch eggs. Didn't have nearly the luck I'd seen online (not quite a fail, but not a home run either). I may have used too much water. But regardless, the eggs formed a film of color that rinsed off to reveal a much lighter, mottled color below. The blue egg was made using blue food coloring (the blue Hawaiian Punch packet was not a blue color powder, as I'd expected). I kept the eggs in the color for about an hour and a half. The colors may not have turned out as I'd have wanted, BUT the kitchen smelled wonderful. Sorta like a cotton candy/funnel cake stand at the fair.


Here is one that turned out especially pretty. I think the flavor was grape.
But look at the tiffany blue highlights.

Here are just some of the treasures I found on the beach at 
Saint Helena Island.
The foam buoy is covered in barnacles.
The purple coral.
Shells. Drift wood.
And this bleached stick wrapped in a lovely, gauzy 
robin's egg blue piece of cloth.

A pretty sea foam green piece of sea glass.
A horseshoe crab shell.

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