Friday, December 31, 2010

Randomness in the Warmth of a New Year

Today's temps were in the low to mid 60's today, and although that doesn't feel quite right for a New Year's Eve, it did make for a productive day. With the garage door open and Gideon dozing on the front porch, it was easy to start the chore of taking down Christmas decorations.

Next year Harleigh will be living off-campus, getting an apartment with sweet Anna, a new friend this year and one who lives close by us, in Roswell. We've started brainstorming about the apartment. We will have a lunch with Anna and her mom within the next couple of weeks and will talk about the living area of the apartment — couch, tables, lamps, etc. But in the meantime, we've started thinking about Harleigh's bedroom and bathroom. And when I say "thinking," I mean "thinking thriftily." We'll begin now, amassing furniture and decor; much easier on the budget that way. And so we went to several thrift stores a few days ago and found this dresser for $60. She fell in love with it and it's now in our garage. I love how the drawer pulls are not all the same. She wants to keep it black and white, and it's a piece that will stay with her forever and will probably enjoy many coats of paint in its lifetime.

After picking up the dresser today, I had to (had to, mind you) stop in Goodwill. It was, after all, right next door. Found these Strawberry Shortcake pillowcases (Harleigh will love them).

This Shabby Chic queen-sized duvet cover.

Two homemade Christmas tablecloths. Can never have too many of these.

And this Holly Hobbie fitted sheet (another for Harleigh's bed). And all of these for under $15.

I should have known I'd have good linen luck today. It started this morning when I met Sarah for coffee. A friend I've always felt a special connection with. And although we don't see each other or even talk all that frequently, we pick things up as if we've never been apart. I cherish every word we exchange. Here is the sweetest of kitchen towels she gave me.

Happy New Year to everyone who visits me. May 2011 be a special one, in ways we don't even know yet!

With love,

Dawn E. Girl


SarahD said...

So good seeing you today Dawn E. Girl! Love that the towel made one of your posts! Love to you and Harleigh Barley! -Sarah Jean Dancin' Machine

Rachel said...

Love that dresser! You did really well with your great linen finds today too! It's such fun planning for a first apartment. I remember mine as if it were yesterday...I was 17 and starting university. Sigh.

Happy New Year, Dawn. I hope you bring in 2011 with style!

Elizabeth said...

Happy new year! How fun to start buying for a future apartment. I love to do things like that. The dresser is great, and it will be fun to see how you guys decorate around it.

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