Monday, December 20, 2010

And to All A Good Night

Crafting Christmas gifts, holiday parties, seeing out-of-town friends who are home for Christmas, baking, shopping. Got a good part of the baking done for Harleigh's little-red-wagon deliveries to the neighbors. This year I'm doing: spiced pecans, candied pecans, cheese straws, white chocolate peppermint bark, chex mix and vanilla glazed mini scones. I wanted to do a nice variety of salty, sweet and spicy goodies.
By Sunday night I was ready to chill. Harleigh — home from a weekend full of catching up with friends — and I watched Charlie Brown Christmas and The Snowman, she went to bed, and I got to workin' on reorganizing my recipes. Gideon fell sound asleep (when he's super tired he sleeps in what we call the scissor position, with his front legs crossed with his back legs; that's his front paw peeking through his back legs) and all was well at Chateau Gahan.

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