Thursday, February 11, 2010

Loving Weekend

I plan on making this Valentine Weekend all about the love. I have no dashing, silver-haired knight-in-shining armor to shower with kisses, hugs and sappy sentiments, but I do have plenty of people around me who deserve to be spoiled with genuine kindness and words of encouragement. Much of the weekend (Friday evening and Saturday until 2:00) I have a church council retreat. But then on Saturday evening our church is having a Broadway cabaret where Harleigh will be doing a solo (Popular from Wicked) and a duet (Where is Love? from Oliver). On Sunday I am going to Frogtown (Ali's wedding site) to meet up with Ali and Matt and cement more wedding venue plans. And, of course, I plan on spending lots of snuggle time with my most favorite Valentines of all, Harleigh and dear Mr. Gideon.


devon thérèse said...

Happy Valentime's Day, Boo! I miss you somethin' fierce.


Christine said...

Valentine's Day (weekend)sounds like it is full of Love. Just the way it should be.
Hearts & Hugs

Kb_Mal said...

Oooh. Frogtown is gorgeous (and tasty). Enjoy!

Happy VD!

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