Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This time of year, especially, I count my blessings. And I lose count.

And so when Molly asked me to come to a non-profit fundraiser for Luo: To Set Children Free From Poverty (founded by her two dear friends Gavin and Linsday; and Molly's husband is on the Board of Directors), I knew in my heart that I would go. Not only did I win one of the raffles (a lovely pair of earrings by jewelry designer Jen Boaz), but I wound up buying one of the canvases. I gravitated toward this particular one, done by a three-year-old named Precious, as its colors go so well with our happy home. The money I spent for the canvas will provide nutrition, medical care, Biblical curriculum and academic education for one child for one year. Every child deserves a happy home.

Here is the piece hanging in my hallway. I'm not sure that I'll frame it. I sorta like the raw edges; it says "child's art." And just look at her dear little footprint.

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