Sunday, September 20, 2009


What a week it was. Work was super busy. Harleigh was gone on a school retreat to the mountains all week (which translated to my routine being a bit akilter; not to mention giving me a taste of what it will be like when she goes off to college). It rained ALL week. A co-worker's wife was in a bad car accident which left me feeling on edge about how distracted we all get with cell phones, gps systems, etc.

But the week is gone. Done. Bye-bye. Church was wonderful this morning and now we have our big youth party and concert tonight, which I've poured my heart and soul into. I pray that it is well attended and holds up the youth of our church and community as valued beings.

I found a sweet embroidered picture this weekend and it is now hanging above the door going from the hall to the foyer. It has embroidered portions and printed sections on the fabric. I made the mistake of trying to get some stains out with bleach and you can see where my attempts got the stains out but also bleached the background super white. Ugh.
And here are the flowers that Harleigh got me for my birthday. With each day the bouquet got more beautiful as the flowers opened!


{better than candy} said...

wow.. sounds like a stressful week! the stargazers are lovely!

Elizabeth said...

Don't you hate when you went over board with the bleach?! It still is a darling piece though.
Love the bouquet that Harleigh gave you.

Songbirdtiff said...

Oh goodness, I can relate about the stressful week. I hope the coming week is much more peaceful. :)

Christine said...

Even if you don't get the responce you hoped for, at the youth party, the kids appreciate all your efforts. They may not say it, but they do!

PS - I hate it when I see someone texting while driving or even talking on the phone!

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