Thursday, December 11, 2014

Chateau Gahan at Christmas

The advent calendar on our fridge. I open up a door each morning while drinking my coffee.
This year's calendar has glitter on it. 
I just may keep it and pack it away to look at next year. Much too pretty to throw away.

Christmas books collected since Harleigh was little (and a box of vintage Christmas cards).
On the coffee table to enjoy.

With a tree in the living room, and one in the ken,
I alternate my breakfast each morning between the two room.

The old pail is a $1 garage sale find.
Stuffed with greens and fake candy canes.
(Gideon watches from the window.)

Thanks to Pinterest, we've all tied a tree to the top of a toy car.
This car, in Harleigh's bathroom (and, off-season, atop a pile of clean washcloths)
usually has a surfboard on the roof.

I have a church, a sweet shop and a tavern that are all lit and have little 3-D scenes inside.
They grace my mantle.

This S.D. Kluger toy/decor plays the actual Fred Astaire version of
"Santa Claus Is Coming to Town."
[NOTE: S.D. stands for Special Delivery.]

And our Santa from The Forum.
Is he not the best?

And on a side note, here is the kindergarten cabinet that I saved from the dumpster 
and is now for sale in my booth.



Stay tuned for more pix to come of our holiday decor!

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