Friday, November 7, 2014

A Bit Out of Sorts

Lots going on as of late. The office moved. Harleigh is wrapping up her senior year, graduating next month. Been busy with church volunteering, and am ready to embark on redoing all six Sunday School classrooms (I've come up with a grand design, if I must say so myself). And already working on decor for our 2015 VBS, Everest (because it's a snow theme, shopping now, with all the Christmas stuff out, is critical). The booth is keeping me busy (and is ready for a holiday overhaul). Wrapped up a backyard wedding; will share pix soon. Am starting serious planning for my niece's wedding next October.  Also gearing up for a minor surgical procedure, and the bottom line is that I ain't got no time for dat. I'm at an odd place right now. Feeling a bit unconnected, to myself and the world around me. In limbo. Chapter II of my life is still a big question mark. I had hoped that I'd be seeing a clearer picture. I'm not. And I'm struggling with being OK with that.

All that to say, my blogging has truly suffered — both posting and looking at other blogs. I'm much better at Instagramming these days; it's more mindless. For those who follow me on Instagram, these images will be yawn worthy. But if you don't follow me on IG, then enjoy!

Until I can get up to the attic and pull down my generic fall decorations, 
a little chalkboard with my heartfelt sentiment
will have to do.

The craft room is in shambles.
Which makes no sense at all, since I have no time to craft. Pity.

My little Ferdinand the Bull. But instead of smelling the flowers under a cork tree,
my sweet boy is watching the world from the overgrown monkey grass.

Some of the dining table flower arrangements from the backyard wedding. 
I used bold-colored florals, white hydrangea, and a hint of pink.

Little man.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm kinda feeling the same way :( Maybe soon the mood will lift and we will find a more clear path. Having a daughter just engaged helps and at least that will keep me occupied for a while hahah.

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