Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lots to Love

Let's begin with a visit to see Parker Grey Wittorf.
We couldn't get enough of this little man.

Harleigh has found a new passion: watercolors.
She finds it relaxing, and is creating Valentine cards.
The creativity gene lives on!
So proud of her.
[She sent me these pix via message; I love the mason jar of flowers!!]

I moved to a bigger booth at the antique mall (Simple Finds), and I'm loving it!
Much more space for furniture (which is selling like hotcakes!!!!).
One of the Simple Finds employees told me that Vern Yip 
(from TLC Trading Spaces and HGTV Design Star) was in a few weeks ago,
and loved my scrapbook paper folding screen (see below).
Well, if that didn't feel good.

I've been stocking up the booth with lots of Valentine's Day crafts.
Have raided my Candy Spelling gift closet for little gift boxes to wrap and decorate.

The two images below are of a vintage Valentine's Day chocolate box 
that I turned into hanging decor for a wall or door.
It's reversible, too!
[Forgive the mediocre iPhone photos.]

These primitive, hanging heart shapes got some fabric backing, flowers and ribbons.

Labor of love:
For her church, my mom is co-chairing a Mardi Gras event for their women's club.
For decor, I suggested a beaded chandelier to go over the food table.
This was a bear to make (attaching the cardboard sleeve to the hula hoop 
and creating two level tiers was a be-atch),
but we did it — in 4 hours! And it looks spectacular.

And who doesn't love this guy. 
Always underfoot.

My little Ferdinand the Bull.
Asleep in a cool clump of monkey grass.

A tilt of his head when I ask if he wants a cookie.
I love this dog.

Asleep. Adorable.

He loved the snow we had.

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