Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

The rainy and chilly weather forced me to play house on Saturday, something I never tire of. Lots of reading and crafting. Had gotten this wooden jewelry box at a thrift store ages ago and am giving it a facelift. I love old jewelry boxes as storage for all my crafting goodies. Spent a good deal of time on it and hope to have it done next weekend! (Excuse the crappy pictures.)

I FINALLY got all my Christmas decorations up to the attic. And with the pretty Sunday (quite the opposite of the day before), I was feeling all Spring-ee, and so the Easter decorations came down from the attic.

Dear boy Gideon loves having mommy home for two days. He slept most of Saturday . . .

. . . and on Sunday, with windows open and the sun streaming in, there was lots of outdoor time and gazing at the outdoors to fill his day.

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