Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Week in IG

Continue to love Instragramming. Here are some images from last week. Lots of Gideon (as always). 

Spent a chunk of the weekend working on Valentines for the party at work this Thursday! You'd a thunk that I'd be DIYin' the cards, but sometimes a crafty girl just has to put on the brakes and pace herself a little. Store-bought cards it is. I found them at Ross, and they're vintage-looking. I used individual letter stamps to address them, and adorned the envelopes with stickers. I "signed" each card using the stamp below (lower right, with the pink handle). I love love love this stamp. With both letters and numbers, it allows me to stamp a sentiment in a straight line. I signed all my cards "XO DAWNEGIRL." The collection of heart-shaped baskets on the left were deeply discounted finds at Hobby Lobby from years ago. I've pulled them out to be used for the party.

The sink below was taken out of an office bathroom during a renovation. I have grand plans to use it as a bar for the par-tay. On a rare trip to Target (it's a place I avoid at all cost; although on this particular trip, I left with only the one thing I went in for!), I saw these candles (lower right). How adorable.

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Gretchen said...

You need to be a party planner or must have been one in your previous life.

I'm two weeks away from gettin my new cool phone and then we can chat often and I'll need your help with all the cool apps you told me about. It' will either be the Droid Razr Max HD or Samsung Galaxy (can't remember exactly what it's called.

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