Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

So glad I went to Statesboro this weekend! Harleigh was getting baptized and asked me to be there. At first I balked (wear and tear on a car inching toward 200,000 miles; a dog to have boarded or babysat; gas and food expense; and with it also being Homecoming weekend, not a hotel room available for miles), but then I realized just how important it is that I be there.

-  First of all, she asked that I come. Enough said.
-  Second, I have a 20-year-old daughter who, from day one at college, became involved in and is now a vice president of a campus ministry.
-  Third, she found a church home, goes to church on Sundays, and is involved in church family life (everything from babysitting members' kids to teaching Sunday School to Bible studies).
-  Four, she's a good kid. I never have to worry about drinking, sex or bad behavior. She's happy and living her life in a way that I approve of and admire.

So off I went. And it was a blast. The Homecoming football game was made all that much more enjoyable with weather to die for. We won, too. Harleigh and Kasey sat on the student side of the stadium (where the kids stand for the entire game). I had reserved a seat on the other side amidst all the alumni. Kasey and Harleigh came over toward the end of the game and sat with me (since we were winning by such a huge margin, the stadium was clearing out). The lady in front of me started talking with Kasey and they wound up both knowing a ton of the same people. Kasey is one of those people who 1) makes friends with everyone and anyone, and 2) is bound to know someone that you do. It's crazy.

Then on Sunday morning Harleigh and I went to iHop for breakfast, and enjoyed gabbing over coffee and platters of pancakes, eggs and breakfast meats. Then off to church, a start-up congregation (an off-shoot of First Baptist of Statesboro) meeting at an area elementary school. Everything about this church is endearing. From the young pastor and his wife, to the way they transformed a school cafeteria into a warm and welcoming church home. They are "the little church that could" for sure.

After the baptism, we stayed for a spaghetti dinner served to raise money for missions. Then they had a cake auction, where they auctioned off 30-some cakes. They had a real auctioneer do it, and it was beyond fun. Here is a video of one of the cakes being auctioned off (if it doesn't load, here is the link). Harleigh and Kasey are in the right foreground. And I love how at the :11 mark, Harleigh leans over and kisses Kasey and then he leans down and showers her hand with kisses. So sweet.

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