Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas at Chateau Gahan

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, please forgive the double dose of Chateau Gahan in all her Christmas loveliness :-)

This year I went with a small tree. As much as I love a 8-9 foot tree regally soaking up the space of my two-story living room, it is quite the feat to get it up, get the lights on, then take it down come January and lug it off to the fire station recycling post. So I opted for a more manageable size.

I told the guys helping me at Lowe's that I wanted something more on the sparse side. Not a Charlie Brown tree, but one like you'd see in the forest. Know what I mean? One of the guys did. The other didn't have a clue what I was talking about. We went through a number of trees, before the guy who "got it" took me to the live tree on display festooned with lights. "This is it, isn't it," he said with a knowing grin. It was perfect. They got the lights off and hitched my storybook little tree to the top of my car, which as everyone knows, post Thanksgiving, wears a Christmas wreath.

Here it is straddling the space between the living room and the "study." The ball fringe trimmed tree skirt is a grandmother hand-me-down. I went with white lights, garlands of fake sugared gumdrops, and white beaded candy canes (a gift from my sister years ago); they remind me of white hobnail milk glass. Love 'em.

After 9 days of being boarded while we two girls headed up to Maryland for the Thanksgiving holiday, this little guy was happy to be home, curled up and sleeping in "mom's" chair.

Our nativity set, a Fontanini work-in-progress.

On the left is at-work decoration. A tacky lighted Santa. 
Christmas music playing from the time I arrive at work to when I leave; 
the selection of the hour is displayed. 
And on the right, a baby blue enamelware tub filled with pink poinsettias. 
Even the door to the cuckoo's house has a bottle brush wreath.

I wanted color lights somewhere, so my shelves of vintage floral tins got the royal treatment.

I really really really enjoyed the Christmas decorating this year. Not sure what made it different than in years past (of course, I always love doing it, but this year felt the best of all). I think it might have had something to do with the fact that I pulled out some things that had been tucked away for years; this was a result of giving the attic a good clean-up. More pix to come!

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