Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

Lots of shower prep this weekend. Wish I could show more, but mother-to-be-of-little-girl reads my blog :-)

Co-worker and friend, Jenn, came over on Saturday and we got our spray paint fix for the month. I do love me a can of spray paint to transform something to fab. What you see is just preparation for the INVITATIONS!!!! It's my one weakness when party planning. I love setting the tone/theme of a shower with an invitation. It typically involves just as much planning and crafting as the event itself, but what the hey. There's no better way to spend my free time than creating pretty things.

I was asked last week to lead this Sunday morning's Children's Praise & Worship Service at church. I gladly said yes, despite the fact that I don't typically engage in children's activities at church; am more than happy to consult or help plan. Oy vey, what a challenge it was. With kids ranging in age from pre-K to 5th grade, I did my best to engage them with activities, Bible study, song and dance, games. From my perspective I failed miserably, but think I'll volunteer again. I can't do any worse than I did this morning. The kids probably thought it was all fine. God bless them.

Home at 2:00ish from a church council meeting, and I'm hunkered down in the craft room. What better place to be on a gray Sunday afternoon. My craft room walls are a pale shade of pink, an eclectic mix of paintings and art cover one whole wall, my ginormous craft table is enviously wonderful and covered with things I love and need . . . I adore this room.

Behind my computer I have the tree cutting from Molly's baby shower. I just couldn't bear to part with it. I'm debating whether I should spray paint it (yes, the aerosol can rears its head again), but for now a feather bird seems to have found a home among its dead branches, so it's gonna stay where it is for awhile, untouched.

Two pretty vignettes at Chateau Gahan. 
The little chair holds a broken robin's egg filled with vintage millinery flowers.

Talked to Harleigh a ton this weekend who was knee deep this past week with a leadership retreat (at the campus ministry where she's VP), helping freshmen move it, nesting in her new house (with 3 new roommates), picking up books, buying groceries, and getting ready for classes that begin tomorrow. She's super excited about her classes this year; electives are behind her, and now the focus is on her major.

Here are some camp pix from this past summer that I found myself pouring over on her Facebook page.

Some pix of the little boy who had a crush on her this summer. Kasey was not happy at all that he had competition, and from a surfer-blonde with a great personality, no less. 
(The below picture is the Harleigh that makes my heart swell. That smile says it all.)

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