Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Visiting my office

Harleigh and Kasey didn't make it home until well after midnight last night. Far too late for me to have any kind of a constructive conversation since by that time I'm well into REM sleep. So when Harleigh mentioned that the two would love to stop by my office for a visit and to grab lunch, I jumped at the chance. We went to Chow Baby, one of Kasey's favorites. Then back to the office so Harleigh could catch up with everyone and introduce Kasey. Molly was sweet enough to stop by with Hammond so that Harleigh could see him before she heads back to school (thanks, Molly!).

The lunch was wonderful, but catching up with my girlie and her cute boyfriend trumped the food big time! (Yes, the ladybug polish is Pinterest inspired. Sorry for the fuzzy pix; I was a bit out of control with the iPhone.)


Gretchen said...

They are just such cute kids and nothing is more fun than getting to show them off at work! Love the Ladybug nails!

Christine said...

Well, I do declare... Harleigh and Kasey are quite the couple.
Now don't mention this to Harliegh but I smell a wedding in the future. Are you gearing up?

Molly Hargather said...

loved getting to see y'all today! so glad it worked out. hammond was so glad to see you again....he'd missed you :)

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