Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pollen Count, New Baby, and No Thrifting

Atlanta is bathed in yellow dust. Everywhere. Thank gosh I don't suffer allergies. With a big hairy dog, there's lots of yellow to be traipsed into the house. I'm forever vacuuming and swiffering, and never seem to stay ahead of it. Luckily, his white fur has stayed super white; otherwise, he'd look like a big jaundiced baby. [When Gideon semi-closes his mouth, like the bottom right picture of the collage, we think he looks like Sam the Snowman from Rudolph. Gideon himself thinks the resemblance is uncanny.]

Worked at church this morning for Easter clean-up day, one of my favorite volunteer activities. We are literally cleaning house for His arrival. There's something really compelling about preparing things for a loved one's homecoming.

Then off to Piedmont Hospital to see Molly and Jamey and new baby Hammond. What a handsome boy. Loved spending time with Molly, chatting and, of course, holding the sleeping baby Hammond my entire visit. Luckily, no new visitors were vying for Hammond-time. I had him all to myself. Heaven.

And, gang, don't count on any thrift-store-find posts. With my upcoming beach vacation, every time I think of going into a thrift store here in the hamlet of Norcross, I think about that money being spent on a whole slew of to-be-discovered thrift stores in my beach destination. That's a no-brainer.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

How blessed to not have the pollen affect you. It is up and down w/me. Looking forward to all your thrifty finds on your beach vacation. Have a blessed week. Jackie

Gretchen said...

Most of our pollen got washed away with rain over the weekend. Maybe yours will go soon. I know you will find lots of treasures at the beach. I can't wait to see them.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Gideon is the cutest!

Thankfully, the pollen hasn't bothered me. I was hoping we'd get a good rain today but so far nothing.

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