Friday, March 2, 2012

Living in Pretty Surroundings

My home makes me happy. I know this love of home isn't lost on most gals in blogland; so many blogs I read gush or allude to the same sentiment. Here are some images from around Chateau Gahan.

The lamp I painted and made new shades for (for Harleigh's bathroom) now lives in my craft room. We redid her bathroom in light blue and light pink.

A church friend whose wholesale business was closing asked me over to scour the warehouse for anything I wanted (for free!!). I got this wooden "book" shelf. How cute.

When my Harleigh is home, I love seeing her come into the kitchen in the morning with her blond curls piled on her head and bunnies on her feet.

Got this bird feeder at Hobby Lobby and have so enjoyed watching the birds from my kitchen sink. Cardinals, finches and even bluebirds!

My front porch flowers are loving this warmer winter weather.

In my craft room, the wall of pictures holds a special place in my heart. Each framed piece and work of art has a story.

I got this little cloche at Goodwill, lined the bottom with a circle of flocked scrapbook paper, and kitty found a new home!

One of my shell projects is to cover the head of this ceramic bust. It reminds Harleigh of characters from Pirates of the Caribbean.

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