Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tool Belt to Craft Belt

Whether it's spending the day at an outdoor flea market or coordinating a wedding, I always have the need for something around my waist to hold the essentials (cell phone, eyeglasses, keys, etc.). I purchased one of those $1.99 canvas tool belts from Ace Hardware, and with a little hand-stitching, trims and fabric swatches (including a pocket cut from a shirt), turned the plain (and Ace-branded) into pretty. Now I can carry my stuff in something that doesn't look like an '80s fanny pack.


Christine said...

It has your "touch" all over it.
Especially the key!

Elizabeth said...

LOVE it!! Especially the scalloped edges. How did you do that?

Claudia said...

Looks great, Dawn! I have one of those belts - now you've given me an ideato spruce it up.


Songbirdtiff said...

Oh my gosh, this is soooo cute!

Carole said...

That is very cute!

The local Pendleton store used to teach a class on how to make a similar apron using their lighter weight wool.

I've got some cute gingham and rose tea towels that would look adorable made up into one of these.

Thanks for the idea and inspiration. :-)

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