Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have been presented the "I love your blog award" from Elizabeth over at Gossamer Wings. Do stop by and visit her. She's an amazing seamstress, cook, collector of beautiful things, has a lovely and close-knit family. It's just a shame she lives so far away!

The award requests that I share 10 revelations about myself. Here it goes:

1. Why did you create this blog?
I really wanted a place to archive my projects. And then I came to love the sharing aspect of it all.

2. What kinds of blogs do you follow?
As much as I love looking at craft projects and events as inspiration for my own, I am sorta fondest of glimpses into people's lives and homes. More and more I'm appreciating good photography; and those bloggers who shoot well are whom I want to be like very soon.

3. Favorite makeup brand?
I'm comin' clean (although most of the gals at work know this). I use Wet N Wild everything (except for the standard hot pink and lime green Maybelline mascara). I've worn their 666 lip liner and 510 lip color for probably close to 20 years, although their 510 color formula changed slightly over the past year and so I've switched to 502 (and all for a whopping 99 cents each!!). And now they have a mineral powder foundation that costs under $5 and works, for me at least, as well as bareMinerals. I'd like to think that I look like a million bucks for under $10.
4. Favorite clothing brand?
SO not a good question for me. As much care as I put into "dressing" my home and my daughter and the projects I undertake, the effort is totally wasted on me. I could care less what I wear. I literally have four pair of pants and a vast selection of men's dress shirts from Goodwill as my wardrobe staples. Family and friends have tried desperately to "help me" break out of my comfort zone, but to no avail. Back in the day, I lived to look adorable. Now I live to be inexpensively comfortable.

5. Your indispensable makeup product?
Lipstick. Lipstick. Lipstick. (With chapstick as a close second.) I must, at all times, have something on my lips. Can't stand, and I mean CAN'T STAND, dried lips.

6. Your favorite color?
First, white. Second, pink. Third, gray.

7. Your perfume?
Oh lordy, I'm starting to sound like the sweet little old lady on the street who's really a character that the kids talk about in whispers. OK, I put baby powder on every morning. There, the world knows. So my fragrance is the smell of a clean baby.

8. Your favorite film?
White Christmas, followed by 10 Things I Hate About You, 'cause that's when I fell in love with Heath Ledger :-) (No, you dihn't. Oh yes I did a smiley face.)

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Greece would be one because of movies like Mama Mia and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And seeing Ali's honeymoon pictures here and here sent me into an eye-candy coma. So very colorful, clean and romantic. In second place would be any tropical island that has those over-the-water cottages. For me, any destination has to include water, whether it be a coastal town or a desert villa with a sparkling-clear warm pool.

10. Make up the last question and answer it yourself.
If you weren't in the career you are now, what might have you been? I spent a good part of my growing up years wanting to be an archaeologist. That gave way to a magazine editor. I went to college with my heart set on a journalism degree, but after an art history class, changed my major to Art History. My first job out of college, a publications assistant at The Baltimore Museum of Art, probably came closest to combining my love of archaeology, writing and art history. Had I stayed in that field, I think I could have carved out a meaningful worklife as a curator.


Christine said...

Nice to meet you!

Elizabeth said...

I knew we were kindred spirits! My degree is studio art, but I did all of my upper division classes in Art history and museum science. I really wanted to go on for a masters in museum science, but alas couldn't get my butt in gear to keep going. I too would have loved to be a curator!
Thanks for sharing more about yourself Dawn, and for your kind compliment :)

Claudia said...

Thanks for the answers - it is always neat to learn more about you. I'm afraid I'm the same way about clothes now. And shoes. Comfort!


ali said...

#10 - I had NO idea! Amazing that I've known you for nearly 10 years now and this blog keeps revealing wonderful, interesting, amazing and thoughtful things about you.

Ashley said...

1. I want a blog award! How do I get one?!
2. I had no idea you wore Wet N Wild! I used to own every single one of their nail polishes. Literally. While normal kids got grounded I had my makeup or nail polish taken away.
3. Um you forget to mention Willow as one of your fav movies.
4. Ok I laughed out loud that the reason you want to go to Greece is from Mama Mia and SOTTP.
5. I really want to hear the rest of your career story, how did you get into advertising?

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